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We request players wear "approved protective" eye wear at all times when playing racquetball.

Anyone that can not play a match at the time it is scheduled, for any reason, must contact their opponent 24 hours in advance and at that time make arrangements for a make-up match within 2 weeks of the scheduled match. You must also contact the league manager to inform him of the change and the arrangements made for the make-up match at the same time. The player wishing to reschedule a match is responsible to make sure both the scheduled player and league manager are notified of their intentions to reschedule a match, otherwise a forfeit as described below will be imposed. An email should be sent to the scheduled player and a copy to the league manager with the agreed upon make-up arrangements.

When a player contacts his opponent to cancel and/or reschedule a match 24 hrs in advance, the player rescheduling will have a "C" put in his score for that match and the other player will receive a "33".

NOTE: If the player who's match was cancelled does not come to the club, ready to play a makeup or any other type of game, will not receive 33 points for the cancellation. Bottom line, no show no score!

If and when the match is actually played, both the "C" and the "33" will be replaced by the actual scores of the played match. In the event the match is not played by the end of the league the "C" and "33" will remain. If a player fails to show up for a rescheduled match, then it should be considered a forfeit.

NOTE: (Make-up matches should be played at a time other than scheduled league times. On league nights, the make-up can only be played on a league court with approval of the league manager and only if courts are available and not being used by scheduled matches. If the make-up match runs into a time slot of a scheduled match that is present, the make-up match will have to stop play and wait for an available court.)

Keeping in line with tournament rules, if any player does not show up within 10 minutes of a scheduled match without contacting the player and league manager in advance, the player that is present on time will receive a score of 33 and the player that isn't present will have an "F" put in his score for that match designating a forfeit.

NOTE: (Forfeits must be posted on the day of the scheduled match.)

A player that receives an "F" (forfeit) for not showing up and/or not contacting their opponent & league manager to reschedule the match in a timely manner may only play the match to remove the "F" if the opponent & league manager agrees. The opponent that received 33 for the forfeit will retain his original score of 33.

Players who have cancelled, forfeited &/or not played more than 20% of their scheduled matches, will not be included in the play-offs.

It is generally understood that for every rule there is an exception for extenuating circumstances. Don't count on it! It is unfortunate we donít have more courts available for league play, especially when there are a lot of players in the league, but some sacrifices must be endured which are out of our control. We are open to any valid suggestions you may have to improve the leagues and other activities involving racquetball.

 For your information the league managers, until further notice, are as follows:

Monday night "Novice-D", Al Reagle (504) 858-2305

Tuesday night "Advanced", Al Schof  (225) 936-4508

Wednesday night "C-Intermediate", Pattie Schof   r/b# (504) 268-7777

Thursday night "Mixed Doubles", Al Reagle (504) 858-2305

Saturday "B-Mixed", Al Reagle (504) 858-2305

Al Schof
Racquetball Program Manager, Elmwood Fitness Center

Revised 11/12/2019


Al Reagle   (504) 858-2305

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